Monday, May 2, 2011

Gallbladder Stones

Last night a fellow called me stating that he “had been drinking Kangen Water and that he had now developed gall bladder stones”.  He had been in the hospital twice in the last 5 weeks.  They wanted to remove his gall bladder and he was afraid of that.  He is up in years and did not want any surgery nor to remove any organs.  Of course I agreed with that thinking and the complications of removing the gall bladder are arguably much worse than the pain of having stones!  Still,  the question remained, “Why did he develop gall stones while drinking Kangen Water?”  During our conversation I learned that he had been getting water from a friend of mine.  However….and here’s where it changed…. I also knew my friend had taken his machine and left the state for 3 months to restore health for an ailing relative! (There’s another story in the making for another day.)  Anyway, once I realized that, I put it together.  The fellow with the machine had been gone for 2 months.  Thus the guy had not had any water for a least a solid week prior to his first discomfort.  Now it made sense.  The alkaline water dissolves the calcification and build-up of cholesterol and bile salts which is usually the cause of gall stones in the first place.  Without the water, calcification was occurring.  I advised him to purchase his own machine.  That way his water is fresh, convenient, always at it’s best, and he’s not dependent upon anyone else for the healing benefits of KW. 

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