Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Parasitic Lesions 2 - A Fight Against Time

I spoke with the naturopath today again regarding the "Leishmaniasis" issue and the children who are gradually dying due these parasites.  What the naturopath said today confirmed my fears:  Kangen Water is good for everything living, including parasites!!  To give these kids Kangen Water is to feed the problem.  Does that mean introducing acid to these kids?  Probably not.  It does however mean these kids better quit drinking our water and do other things in order to kill the parasites without harming the children.  The Western medicine approach is arsenic??  I don't think so !!  If that is the standard to overcome, that is REALLY LOW !!  She should be able to figure out something better than that!  She really holds out little hope for the children given how long they've been left untreated.  However, she is looking at many different approaches and I've got another idea in mind that may make the difference also.  We'll see how this turns out.  In the meantime she will continue to heal the external lesions using 2.5 acid water.  A fight against time. 

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